SIM card vending machine
Obstacles for retail sales of sim cards
Limited access to profitable locations where retail sales are not allowed
such as airports
High opening and operational costs for retail stalls in active zones
high rent, wages, cleaning, etc
Operating hours limitations
as a rule not 24/7
Human errors while filling out the forms
Language barrier
Simkiosk can be placed anywhere
There are no laws prohibiting vending machines where human traffic is high. It takes only 1m2 to place Simkiosk. Up to 20 Simkiosks can be serviced by one person
Uninterrupted operation
Possibility to work with fragile infrastructure,
poor internet connection and nonstable
electrical power
Why Simkiosk makes human error impossible?
Simkiosk takes a picture, identifies and verifies the person, scans and validates the passport.
No more manual filling out the form. It is being done automatically.
The machine works faster than humans and it does not err
Multilingual interface
Simkiosk transcends language barrier offering service in several world languages. This makes it necessary in places packed with tourists
Simkiosk sells Sim cards regardless the date or time serving passengers in airports, railway and bus stations or ports
Choose tariff on the sensor panel
Place your passport in the scanner
Let the machine take your picture and compare it with the one in your passport
Pay by cash
or credit card
Take your Sim card!
Technological aspects
Personal data protection
There are several levels of personal data encryption and protection
Any size Sim card fits into Simkiosk (micro,mini, nano, standard)
Sim cards can also be sold in envelopes
Additional functions can be added to the working model (finger print scanner, etc)
Face recognition
Our technology is based on the modified Viola-Jones method
The Viola-Jones method allows to find objects in the images and video in real time with very low probability of false recognition. With this modified method we can detect and recognize faces and its characteristics, even when view angle is about 30 °. Accuracy of the initial method is above 90%, what is a very good indicator, but we improved accuracy to 96%
Proven technology
Trusted by MTS – the largest Russian mobile operator serving around 100 mn customers.

Simkiosk was created to meet MTS demands and specifications. We also produce optional vending modules that sell mobile telephones and accessories. Simkiosk is tested and ready to conquer bigger markets!
Simkiosk basic
Different colours available
Simkiosk Small
Designed by DI-Group
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